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Thursday, May 29, 2008

This is pretty amazing! Just recently I found a great stuff in one of the most important information provider ” the magazine”. Everyone of us here wants to have a compilations of our past and every single minute we do right? Specially those people who are more inclined with fantastic gadgets. Here is my finds in the world of gadgets, electronics, and technology…



Size isn’t an issue with the AV4100. This little baby isn’t just about sound, but video, too. With a 100GB hard drive and a 3.8-inch TFT screen, its the perfect romantic device if you and your date fancy having a portable movie viewing or music festival wherever and whenever the both of you desire. It’s also rated for 4.5 hours of video playback time, so no worries about it conking out in the middle of a good scene.

Web Finds | Cheap Offers on Flights & more...

Are you one of those people who been searching a cheap, affordable and excellent provider of plane tickets, vacation packages, car rentals and more? or You bee been looking for a great deal on cheap flights? Well, if you do then better grab the chance now to visit this site 'cause they are the one you been searching nor looking for! Lowfares has everything you need if you wanted to have a great and cool accommodations on your travel. If you opt to have a cheap flights that will somehow suit on your standards too then they are the best provider on it. And if you opt to have a car rentals for land cruise vacation then absolutely they really got a great offers for you on renting a car at them. Aside from that, you still don't need to worry if you been searching an affordable yet excellent hotel accommodations 'cause they still have it!. In short, they are one of the best provider on traveling reservation services that are rolled into one.

So, better grab the chance now to visit their site and book your hotel nor flight reservation at them! Rest assure that with them, you'll definitely owe what you paid for! Have a great summer vacation everyone!....c",)

Web Travel | Christian Cruise...

Who among of you who wanted to have a great and amazing Christian Cruise? or Are you one of those people who wanted to join a memorable Bible Cruises? Well, if you do then better grab the chance now to visit this site 'cause they are the one you been searching for! They provide an excellent Christian Cruises for all those people who seek on it. Besides, its the best time to renew our relationship with God together with our family, friends, loved-ones and to know his teachings that must be instill into our individual minds. Aside from that, this Authentic sailing adventure is privately chartered on a luxury yacht that holds 170 believers! So, its now time to have a cool adventure with God as you sail through this opportunity.

Anyhow, if you guys are really interested to join this exciting Christian Cruise, all you need to do is book your reservation now at them online. You must have to hurry 'cause their cruise will gonna start on July 19 to 26, 2008 though its still coming its pretty nice if you will book your reservation earlier at them. So, grab the chance now to enjoy the said Christian Cruise. Rest assure that you'll definitely had a great time with them! Enjoy everyone!

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Friday, May 16, 2008

Internet cafe is one of the most common outlet of those people who does not have anything to do. I mean, people who are not fond of going out with there friends nor people who are just fond of looking for some great stuff here in the net. Stuff that somehow interest them to go further and search more. Besides, there are lots of great things that you can find out here in the net. One thing for that is you can look for money to support your needs and some other stuff you need on your daily undertakings.

Eventually, internet cafe is obviously rampant here in our place simply because its one of the most business were most investors nor business man are dealing into 'cause they really got out something from it. In fact, I could never count anymore how many internet cafe is presently operating right now here in our Anyway, its there choice after all and besides its was one of the most interesting business to deal with.

Furthermore, internet cafe somehow solve the common problems of those families and couple who are far from each other arms and comfort. I mean, families whose husband nor wife is working abroad just to provide a brighter future for there family most specially there children. It enables them to communicate through online chats and calls. Great Idea that really got!.. Wish you luck everyone!...c",)

Web Tips | Hosting plans at

We cannot deny the very fact that web hosting is one of the crucial part here in the web. If you run a business online nor you are a site/hosted blog owners you keep on searching the best, reliable and excellent provider of web hosting that supports your needs 24/7. But an issues cames up about cheap or expensive web hosting. Does it really good to avail a cheap or expensive hosting plan? Well, for some reason and in my own point of view, theres no such web hosting as perfect as you want. Even if how expensive a hosting plan was still there came a time that the server is down for maintenance. But I’m not actually saying that cheap and expensive hosting plans are pretty good already to run a business online or manage your own site. Whatever hosting plans you avail you should bare in mind that everything has its limits. Besides, adopting a windows web hosting plan is just a matter of choice! Whether you avail the expensive or the cheap one still the function is the same! But of course, every hosting plans has its pros and cons. The bottom line is how sure you are that expensive hosting plans is running well? and How definite you are that cheap web hosting is absolutely cheap? No one can definitely tell the reliability of both hosting plans.

Anyhow, if you are one of those people who been searching nor looking a reliable and excellent provider of web hosting better grab the chance now to visit this site 'cause they are the one you been searching for! In fact, with them you'll be able to choose in their list as to whom you need to avail your hosting plan. The good thing about them is they got a comprehensive web hosting reviews that will enable you to choose the best among the rest. Aside from that, they got a useful web hosting articles that will somehow help you decide on considering a web hosting plan. So, visit their site now and avail as many as hosting plans that you want!

Web Tips | Speed up Mozilla Firefox about 3-30x Faster...

Try this one people! Its worth it!...If your a firefox lover like me then you should try this.

1. Type "about:config" into the address bar and hit GO Button. Scroll
down and look for the following entries:


Normally the browser will make one request to a web page at a time.
When you enable pipelining it will make several at once, which really
speeds up page loading.

2. Alter the entries as follows:

Set "network.http.pipelining" to "true"

Set "network.http.proxy.pipelining" to "true"

Set "network.http.pipelining.maxrequests" to some number like 30. This
means it will make 30 requests at once.

3. Lastly right-click anywhere and select New-> Integer.
Name it "nglayout.initialpaint.delay" and set its value to "0".
This value is the amount of time the browser waits before it acts on information it recieves.

If you're using a broadband connection you'll load pages 2-30 times faster now.

Web Finds | House & Home Accesories...

We are all aware that there's no such place like home. A place where we can be ourselves. A place which is considered as the smallest unit of the society. It is where we live with our beloved family. A place were we first encounter simple education which is being taught through example by our parents, older Brother and Sister. But what was actually the essence and substantial role of our houses in our daily lives? Do they play a crucial part in nation building? For some justifiable reasons, a house is simply a place where it first gives us the freedom to explore, dream and realized it. A safe place that keeps us from any harm and danger. A place where love begins! So, I guess it is therefore clear that we all need to protect and respond to the needs of our houses even if they don't have the feelings to feel what we feel or talk what we wanted to voice out. They are there to protect and shelter us from pain.

Anyhow, talking about houses is one of the interesting subject to deal with. With all those planning stuff for your dining room, living room, kitchen room, bathroom and some other specific place of your lovely houses that needs an improvement. Its just cool to think that we all had the passion to renovate or to build our own houses. Well, if you guys are on your plans to renew the image of your house including those little things inside your house try to consider visiting this site 'cause they are the quality provider of your house accessories such like recessed toilet tissue holder for your bathroom, wall niches for your walls, wood bookcases to organize your books in one shelves, magazine racks to combine all your magazines in one part of your house and some other cool things which I'm pretty much sure you'll gonna love it. Besides, you need not to worry if you opt to purchased at them online 'cause they are the leading provider of the said products I've mention above. Aside from that, they offer you a very competitive, affordable price and quality products. So, visit their site now, purchased at them online and be responsive to the needs of your house.

Web Tips | Free your mind from pain...


Its nice and honor to think that people is really aware that expressing their minds is the best way to improve their selves and make them stand on their own. But its so sad rather to think that their are still people out there who didn't have a courage to express what they feel towards a particular situation nor people who doesn't have a voice to fight what they believe is right. Too bad... But I guess, they might have their own reasons why they prefer to shut up rather than to voice out. They might protecting somebody nor anyone else just to save their lives. Whatever their reason is I just want to let them know that telling the truth and what's on your mind will definitely set you free even if the person is involve are those people who are near in your heart but could you dare to just shut up rather than voicing out that will save the lives of millions? Could you dare to put a tape on your mouth rather than telling the truth that will definitely change the future of those innocent young ones? Will you dare to block the freedom of your mind to speak the truth that will absolutely save you from danger? For some nor many of you will do it for the sake of your family nor for those people whom care. Or maybe some nor many of you will speak your mind for the sake everybody.

What I'm trying to emphasize it here is "LET YOUR MIND SPEAK "... Give the freedom of your mind to speak what he see is right and what he believe is for the better. Don't be afraid to speak your mind 'cause every opinion is welcome as long as you believe that its right. Fight for the better! Learn by example...


In order to be able to achieve and maintain happiness we need to, actively, be able to do two things:

1. Complain and then let go (Dump the baggage, the roadblocks to happiness.)
2. Openly Express Gratitude (The open expression of gratitude promotes happiness.)

After all, everyone has something to be grateful for and/or something to complain about. If you would like to accept the challenge, please follow the appropriate link and do so: "Are You Grateful?", "Complain Complain Complain."

Contributors to Are You Grateful?” & “Complain Complain Complain are: 1-Attitude, the Ultimate Power 2-Max 3-DianaCA’s Metamorphoses 4-Mental Poo 5-My Thoughts 6-Baba Doodlius 7-Wake Up America 8-Life is a Roller Coaster 9-Life and Me 10-pinay mommy’s love blog 11-My Happiness Haven 12-And Life Goes On for a Filipino Mom 13-Blessed Sanctuary 14-Expressions And Thoughts 15-Memories by Jenn 16-Reminiscence of My Adventures 17-In the Life of Mne 18-Juliana’s Lair 19-Pinay Wahm 20-Lucid Creativity 21-Winged Words 22-Irresistible Fascinations 23-A Little Time 24-See Me For What You Will 25-Greatest Reviews 26-ETC ATBP 27-Gandacious 28-We Are Family 29-Journey to this thing called LIFE 32-BaReFooTeD Me 33-Uncomplicated 34-Points of View 35-Pride & Prejudice 36-Colorful World 37-Nora’s Notes 38-A Daily Walk With Bill & Gina 39-Strange but True 40-Everything Under The Sun ( Beth Rebokon ) 41-Kaleidoscope 42-Fil-Oz Blog 43-By Osc@r Luiz 44-Comedy Plus 45-Blogging by Sandee 46-Soul Meets World 47-Mae’s Memoirs 48-Beyond the Rave Reality 49-Amori, poesie, arte, chat by Hanna 50-Attached at the Hip 51-Carver’s Sight or is that Site? 52-Empress Reviews 53-Simple Pleasures In My Heart 54-Lourdes’ mia 55-A Grateful Heart 56-Majorsleepyhead 57-Scrappy n Happy in Ohio 58-CHOC MINT GIRL 59-Extraordinary Things 60-ZOOROPAZOO 61-BeNolSatuEm 62-As The World Turns 63-Your Caring Angels 64-Life Is Wonderful To Know Everyday 65-Sugar Magnolias 66-Little Peanut 67-Creative In Me 68-Me and Mine 69-Pea in a Pod 70-the diary of the Pink & Brown Wedding 71-good thoughts, good trades, good life 72-My Blog - all things me 73-Rainbows 74-Little Corner of Mine 75-Me, Myself and I 76-My Planet Purple 77-Amel’s Realm 78-A Handful of Surprises 79-A Detour 80-Something Purple 81-Vanity Kit 82-Are You Grateful? 83-A Simple Life 84-BlogTips.Com 85-Balitang Kalye 86-Mariuca 87- Emila Yusof 88-A Total Blog 89-My Life in this Wonderful World 90-MommyAllehs 91-Things That Suck 92-A Mother’s Stuff 93-Princess Vien 94-My Inner Thoughts Revealed 95-Roxiticus Desperate Housewives 96-Apples Of The Eyes 97-Nita’s Random Thoughts 98-Nita’s Corner 99-Thomas Digital Services 100-A Mother’s Thoughts101-Meltwater. Torrents. Meanderings. Delta 102-My Perfect Escape 103-Vanidosa. Marie 104-Confessions of a Supermodel Wannabe 105-Lynda’s Loft 106-Listening..Learning..Living 107-LadyJava’s Lounge 108-The Painted Veil 109-Poeartica 110-Maryannaville 111-the life of a psychotic weirdo 112-CARPE DIEM 113-Turn-u-Off 114-asian mutt international 115-Petty Ramblings of a Petty Queen 116-LIFE IS A ROLLER COASTER 117-AZZY’S BLOG-A-ROONIE! 118-glad to be here 119- WilStop 120- Dare to Blog 121- WebGeek Journal 122- YOU


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Are you one of those people who wanted to become an internationally known model? or Do you ever wish to have a modeling career? Well, if you do then the chance is waiting for you now! Visit this site 'cause they are organizing a modeling contest and who ever wins they will be given a chance to become an international model. So, wherever you cam from and despite on religion, race and sex your definitely welcome to join the contest. As long as you have the courage and perseverance to be the next top international model. If you are a Girl 14-19 nor a Women 19+ years of age and Boy 14-19 nor a Men 19+ years of age then you definitely fit for the said contest.

So, visit their site now and provide all the necessary informations and photo shots of yourself and some other important matters that they need to know from you. With them, your future career to become to successful international model is waiting for you already! Be smart, be a model!

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Who among of you here who wanted to play online on Mac Poker games? or Are you one of those people who wanted to have a great time right here in the web during your leisure times? Well, if you do then better grab the chance now to visit this site 'cause they are the one who will provide you a great online poker games like Pacific Poker or Fulltilt Poker and some other types of online poker games that you are craving to play for! Besides, opting to play this type of online games is not bad after all in fact, this will really entertain you during your leisure time right? But of course you have to bare in mind that playing this games is not a must nor recommended for everybody. Its just a matter of choice! If you think that you'll gonna have a great time playing this games then so be it but if not then look for some other stuff!

Anyhow, for those people out there who wanted to have a great time during their leisure times better visit their site now and play at them online specifically for those Mac computer owners! Have a great game everyone!

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To my fellow bloggers, are you interested to earn an extra income? or Do you wanted to have more blog sponsorship to write? Well, if you do then better sing-up now at Bloggerwave : Blog : Make Money online. They are one of the most interactive blog advertising company who aims to be the leading and biggest advertising media on blogs in Europe. But wherever you cam from you still welcome to join in their network as long as you have the passion to write and give feedbacks to those advertisers who are building buzz to their products and services.

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Are you one of those people nor companies who been searching a reliable and quality email marketing service or online survey tool for your business online? Well, if you do then better grab the chance now to visit this site 'cause they are the one you been looking for!

iContact is the best option out there for anyone who wants to send out email newsletters. They have great inbox deliverability, an extremely easy to use interface, great prices that start at $9.95 per month, lots of templates, and also include surveying, autoresponder, and blogging capability from the same application at no additional charge.

iContact is an easy to use email marketing, surveying, autoresponder, and blogging tool that allows small businesses, non-profits, and associations to easily communicate online with their customers, prospects, and members.

iContact starts at $9.95 per month and scales upward based on list size. They also have an Enterprise product for larger organizations that starts at $660/month.

iContact has an easy to use interface and over 300 professionally-designed email templates. The application allows you to track the opens and clickthroughs on your emails, add a sign-up form to your web site, segment your list, and manage your subscribers. They take care of managing bounces and unsubscribes for you.

They also take care of making sure your message gets to the inbox of your recipients through their ISP relations, feedback loops, and whitelist status. If you are currently running into deliverability issues with your existing newsletter sending method, iContact will be very helpful and ensure inbox delivery of your messages.

The company currently has over 15,000 customers and 100,000 users. The product is used primarily by small businesses but also has a number of Fortune 500 companies like Bank of America, Ford, Nissan, Super 8 Motel, and International Paper, and political campaigns like Barack Obama '08. The company is based in Durham, NC and was founded by Ryan Allis and Aaron Houghton in 2003.

iContact is working to change the way businesses and non-profit organizations communicate online by making it really easy to manage all online communications from a single web application. If you are looking for any easy and inexpensive way to put your email marketing on autopilot and get great deliverability, check out iContact.

Web Finds | Social Networking FunChain...

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

As of this moment, two of the most popular Internet activities are social networking and blogging. Sites like Friendster, Blogger, Wordpress, Livejournal and etc. offer simple blogging tools for personal publishing. And then theres Funchain which brings together the best of both worlds.

Funchain is an online service that provides tools for shared blogs, which have been termed as ” FriendBlogs”. When you register, Funchain automatically creates a FriendBlog for you. You can rename it into whatever you want, and post about any topic under the sun. In posting entries, you can opt for regular text or you can put in HTML tags to add a little punch to your post layout. You can also make several FriendsBlog, which can either be private or public. Keep track of FriendBlogs is no trouble at all, because Funchain supports RSS, a program that collects post and notifies you few new post.

Social networking comes in when you connect with other people who have the same interest as you. Funchain search function allows you to search for your friends by typing in their first and last names, or you can search through FriendBlogs by title, content, and member ID. Like the well-known networking sites, Funchain enables you to access your friends’ profile pages which contain personal information like civil status, gender, age, nationality, education, occupation, and the like. You can also opt to include a picture and a short description of yourself in your profile page.

Web Health Wellness: Acne Treatment...

We cannot deny the very fact that we are all entitled to take care everything concerning about our health. One of the crucial part of our external body parts that needs to be nourished and nurtured is our skin. Simply because it is the one that are always exposed in such heat of sunlight, from rain, or any other natural actions that our skin is involved. Due to that fact, there are people nowadays or even before suffered from skin diseases and one specific disease of skin that are often observable is the acne. One important factor of acne's skin problem is rising hormone levels. These hormones, called androgens (male sex hormones), increase in both boys and girls during puberty and can cause the sebaceous glands to enlarge and make more sebum and another factor is heredity or genetics.

Eventually, if you are one of those people who do have an acne problem try to use the Acne Complex that best prevent acne serious illnesses. Acne Complex Kit features is unique triple action that addresses the main causes of acne and activates skin for improved renewal and repair. Acne Complex has been formulated with the latest in synergistic science. When all 3 formulas are used together, the system optimally treats acne, clears up existing blemishes, controls excess oil and prevents future breakouts... while also soothing and refining your skin for the youthful look and feel you deserve.

So, if you wish to lessen your acne problem better visit this site now 'cause they are the one who provides an Acne Complex treatment. I'm pretty much sure you'll definitely obtain what you want for your skin!

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Who among of you here that are more particular on mailbox? or Are you one of those people who been searching a reliable and provider of quality Mailboxes? Well, if you do then better grab the chance now to visit this site 'cause they are the one you been looking for! They got a great and amazing designs of Mail boxes which I'm pretty much sure you'll simply gonna love it. You can really use it on your home. Besides, opting to purchase a Mail box for your home use is absolutely recommended but not actually a must for everybody. But if you wanted a secure mailbox for your mails to be delivered then better consider them as your provider of the said product 'cause they really provide a high quality residential and commercial mailboxes.

So, for those people out there who are searching a Mailbox for your home or for office use better grab the chance now to visit their site and purchased at them online. Rest assures that your ordered item will delivered right into your door steps. One more thing, you need not to worry if you opt to purchased at them online 'cause they are one of the leading provider of the said products. Aside from that, to those publishers or bloggers out there who wants to earn extra income they had an affiliate program that will definitely earn you $20 directly right after sining up at them. Sounds inviting right? So, grab your Mailboxes now at them!

Web Electro | Sony Ericsson W900...

Monday, May 12, 2008

sony-ericsson-w900.jpgSony Ericsson adds its first UMTS handset to the Walkman range of music phones bringing the total number of phones in the range to four. The W900 is a high quality fully specified music player, phone and imaging device capable of super fast downloads of all types of multimedia - music, video and graphics. It follows the highly successful global market launch of the W800. Two previously announced Walkman phones are also about to launch, the W600 in the Americas and W550 in the rest of the world, meaning there are now Walkman phones meeting a broad spectrum of mobile music needs and price segments.

As a music player, the W900 makes it easy to import, transfer, manage and play music from operators’ over the air (OTA) music download services, allowing tracks to be downloaded directly to the phone while on the move and, from a PC when tracks have been copied from the owner’s CD collection.

One of the most appealing features of the W900 is how easy it is to import, transfer, play and manage music files. Tracks can be imported from a variety of sources, either over the air direct to the phones if it supports an available operators music download service, or via a PC.

Transferring digital music files from a PC to the phone is a simple “drag and drop” affair and the W900 is also fully compatible with user copied content from all leading music management software packages. This si particularly useful for consumers already owning another type of digital music player who want to transfer tracks that originated from their CD collection on to the W900.

Web Tech | 17-inch BENQ 737s-D...

17-inch-benq-737s-d.jpg I guess, everyone here in the world wide web is already much well equipped with the most recent invented technologies. Technologies that makes our individual lives easier, faster and hassle free. But did you know that one of the most important and useful electronic machine that most people are using is COMPUTERS? Well, I guess that’s not new to us anymore! Computers simply helps our daily task to make it smooth an eventually hassle free as i said earlier. Computers is simply amazing!

I have found here a flat space saver desktop monitor which I think everyone of you will also be interested too. Here…

Flat screen with very slim designs are getting more and more common nowadays, but at prices that some might consider to be steep. The 17-inch BENQ 737s-D will give you a crisp display at its top resolution of 1280 x 1024 and a decent response time of 16ms; only the most hardcore of gamers will take notice. This LCD supports video input from a standard D-Sub VGA port or a DVI interface.

Web Tips | For Bad Credits...

What are your common issues about bad credits? Do you think that considering a Bad Credit Repair is one of the best option to do? or Are you one of those people who been looking a Credit Repair Services who'll gonna help you out to solve your problem on bad credit? Well, if you do then better have a chance to visit this site 'cause they are the one you been looking for! They specifically specializes on bad credit help for those people who are constantly searching on it.

Besides, considering a Credit Repair is not bad after all in fact this will really help you out solve your common problem that you might possibly encounter in future. Aside from that, you need not to worry if you opt to consider their Repair Credit services 'cause they are one of those companies who are highly recommended to this type of transactions. So, for those people out there who do have a common problems on their bad credit lines better consult them now and rest assures that with them your future is absolutely amazing!

Web Finds | Light Fixtures Provider...

We are all aware that world wide web nowadays really plays a crucial role in our daily undertakings specially those busy people who don't have enough time anymore to shop and purchased all the things they need in a department store. Things that we commonly used everyday and things that helps maintain our daily living such like foods to nourished our health, clothes to protect our selves from any harmful organisms and shelter maintenance to help us protect from any danger.

Even if how busy we are really need to respond to our individual needs for us to survive and eventually had a healthy and safe living. For that, to those people who are planning to renovate nor beautify their homes but you can't find time to purchased all the necessary things try to consider browsing the web 'cause I'm pretty much sure you'll really find what you are looking for! More than what ever expected! Anyway, renovating our shelter is a not actually a must for everybody but if you wanted to provide the best, safe and secure place for your family then I bet you really have too. If you opt to beautify your home for some cool designs of chandeliers for your living room or ceiling light fixtures better grab the chance now to visit this site 'cause they are the one you been looking for! In fact, they got a huge variety list of light fixtures which I'm pretty much sure you'll really had a chance to choose among all of those. So, everyone visit their site now! And enjoy every great offers they had for you!

How to increase your internet connection speed by 20%?

Friday, May 9, 2008

Some of us may find that after installing Windows XP, the Internet connection gets slower. A possible reason for this is the QoS (Quality of Service) installed. This service reserves 20 per cent of the bandwidth for itself, even with QoS disabled. this is for broad band connections. I didn’t try it on dial up but might work for dial up.

1.make sure your logged on as actually “Administrator”. do not log on with any account that just has administrator privileges.
2. start - run - type gpedit.msc
3. expand the “local computer policy” branch
4. expand the “administrative templates” branch
5. expand the “network branch”
6. Highlight the “QoS Packet Scheduler” in left window
7. in right window double click the “limit reservable bandwidth” setting
8. on setting tab check the “enabled” item
9. where it says “Bandwidth limit %” change it to read 0 After doing this, you should immediately notice a boost in your Internet connection speed.

some need re-boot. I have one machine that needs to reboot first, the others didn’t. Don’t know why this is.

This is more of a “counter what XP does” thing. In other words, XP seems to want to reserve 20% of the bandwidth for its self. Even with QoS disabled, even when this item is disabled. So why not use it to your advantage. To demonstrate the problem with this on stand alone machines start up a big download from a server with an FTP client. Try to find a server that doesn’t max out your bandwidth. In this case you want a slow to medium speed server to demonstrate this. Let it run for a couple of minutes to get stable. The start up another download from the same server with another instance of your FTP client. You will notice that the available bandwidth is now being fought over and one of the clients download will be very slow or both will slow down when they should both be using the available bandwidth. Using this “tweak” both clients will have a fair share of the bandwidth and will not fight over the bandwidth.

Truth About Cancer....

Cancer is already a risk in and of itself…they way a person lives, however, can influence and, at times, increase the risk of getting cancer. Now, if you’re asking, is theres a risk for anyone of any age group to contract cancer, then the answer is yes. Just like what DA said, there are factors that predispose a person to have cancer. However, this does not necessarily imply that elderly people are more likely to get cancer as opposed to children, teens, and normal adults. In essence, everyone can be a candidate for cancer. The only thing to consider is, of what nature is the cancer going to be. A good example is leukemia, which essentially is the cancer of the white blood cells. Children and teens are more likely to contract this disease compared to adults, but elderly people can acquire it too.

Cigarette smoking increases the likelihood of a person to contract lung cancer, mainly because cigarette sticks have aldehyde compounds that react with the epithelial lining of our lungs, causing tissue damage and necrosis. Our lungs can regenerate, but constant smoking increases the chance of the cells giving rise to abnormally diving cell lines which have mutations in the genomic DNA, thus leading to faulty DNA synthesis and cell division. Now, you may be wondering why your aunt, even after smoking tons of cigarette sticks and consuming so much packs in her lifetime of smoking, did not contract lung cancer. This is not a surprise as this is analogous to people who never smoke actually are actually the ones who contract lung cancer.

There are a number of reasons. One of which includes your aunt’s metabolism. Even if she does smoke a lot, perhaps she used to consume a lot of healthy foods which balanced the offset of her smoking. Another one is her physiologic make-up; maybe her body, especially her lungs, tolerate the “aldehyde storm” in her lungs, which enables her lung tissues to adapt to the increase in aldehyde concentration and use it to her advantage. Such a case is interesting, because people like your aunt who are in a sense “immune” to cancer have some type of metabolic response that can be used in treating people who have cancer. If that can actually be researched on, it would be a great breakthrough for oncology and cancer patients.

Nutrition Facts...

Overweight and at work, studies at the Institute of Psychology in Austria found pressure at work leads to gorging on comfort food like chocolate and crisps. Looking at 5,000 hospital patients, researchers found the most obese were more likely to be in high-pressure jobs. The report concluded that, to avoid panic-induced food cravings, we need to control our blood sugar levels by snacking on high carbohydrate foods every two hours to keep levels steady.

Ulcers: The banana is used as the dietary food against intestinal disorders because of its soft texture and smoothness. It is the only raw fruit that can be eaten without distress in over-chronicler cases. It also neutralizes over-acidity and reduces irritation by coating the lining of the stomach.

Temperature control: Many other cultures see bananas as a “cooling” fruit that can lower both the physical and emotional temperature of expectant mothers. In Thailand, for example, pregnant women eat bananas to ensure their baby is born with a cool temperature.

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD): Bananas can help SAD sufferers because they contain the natural mood enhancer tryptophan.

Smoking & Tobacco Use: Bananas can also help people trying to give up smoking. The B6, B12 they contain, as well as the potassium and magnesium found in them, help the body recover from the effects of nicotine withdrawal.

Stress: Potassium is a vital mineral, which helps normalize the heartbeat, sends oxygen to the brain and regulates your body’s water balance. When we are stressed, our metabolic rate rises, thereby reducing our potassium levels. These can be rebalanced with the help of a high-potassium banana snack.

Strokes: According to research in “The New England Journal of Medicine, ‘eating bananas as part of a regular diet can cut the risk of death by strokes by as much as 40%!

Warts: Those keen on natural alternatives swear that if you want to kill off a wart, take a piece of banana skin and place it on the wart, with the yellow side out. Carefully hold the skin in place with a plaster or surgical tape!

So, a banana really is a natural remedy for many ills. When you compare it to an apple, it has four times the protein, twice the carbohydrate, three times the phosphorus, five times the vitamin A and iron, and twice the other vitamins and minerals. It is also rich in potassium and is one of the best value foods around so maybe its time to change that well-known phrase so that we say, “A banana a day keeps the doctor away!”

Technology Transfer Innovation...

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

We are all aware that as the world is continuing to innovate to the next level of technology innovations their were also some other specific fields that are also innovating to the fact that there were new innovation of things that simply help our life easier and faster to deal with. One of the specific example of technology innovation is the computer. Computer in a sense that ever since it has been invented it became more important and crucial to everybody's life simply because this electronic device makes our life faster and hassle free. Right?

Eventually, talking about technology is somehow one of the broadest subject to deal with but if we try to go deeper and better understand its usage we can conclude that technology itself is self explanatory. There were no technologies if not because of the intellect of man which has the ability to think, decide, create and explore. Due to that very reason, Technology Transfer nowadays is pretty much obvious. In fact, there are lots of colleges and universities that are involve into Technology Transfer. Besides, University Technology Transfer is isn't bad after all simply because through this we can all benefit from it by using the finished products. Right? So, for those people out there who been searching nor looking for Technology Transfer Services better grab the chance now to visit this site 'cause they are the one you been looking! With them, your invention will be sold out to the market! Visit them now and avail their services online.

Life is a game....

Friday, May 2, 2008

Would you agree with me about that? I guess, life is something like that! We are all task to do our individual obligations. In fact, ever since we are born here in world of mortal people we already have our mission to fulfill though we don’t know exactly as to what is it but we really have to prepare our self for that. Whether we like it or not we have to. Besides, we don’t have to worry ’cause we are all the master of our individual life. We do what we think is right and we do what we believe is good for everybody specially for the benefit of our beloved family.

On the other hand, Life has all the things to offer us. We just have to know how to handle and care for it so that it will last longer on our side as we travel along in our individual path of life. Theres a saying that ” Life is like a box of chocolates you’ll never know what you gonna get “… Agree with that? Well, whatever your opinion about life general still the purpose is just the same. We all wanted to have a fruitful and blessed life ahead!… Keep the most of your time with those people who are near to your HEART or even those strangers ’cause we wouldn’t know what will exactly happened in the next one (1) minute of our lives. Have a great life everyone!…c”,)

Education Issues...

Education is the source of knowledge, the key to success. Such is a factor for an effective change in any level of our society if only to achieve accomplishments. It should be taught and instituted into the minds of everybody that is indeed a continuing and never ending process. A process and a must, if it is to be effective and thorough, seek to develop the God-given faculties and talents.

It aims to develop the whole child’s personality, mentally, physically, socially, morally, and spiritually. It guides everybody to act properly, informs people on what to do, leads people to the right track and guide them to achieve their ambitions in life. By so doing, everybody must perpetuate the desirable Filipino customs and traditions related to home and family living. Hand in hand, let us promote a system where a society of moral and spiritual aspects must be given due considerations.

Guide to be happy...

I know and we all both know that each of us is longing for a lifetime happiness. Happiness that could somehow give us the assurance to live life to the fullest. I know rather that there are also people out there who even want to give up because they can’t take anymore all the hardships they been through. But are you aware that life is isn’t all about hardships? Nor are you aware that each of us can make a simple steps to become happy? Well, try reading my post as to how to become happy… Here.. ( This is my opinion as what I think is right! )

Top10 Things to be happy:

  1. Wake up with a smile. Despite the troubles and hardships we all have, Try to smile every time you woke up. Remember we all have a chance to change the destiny if we want too and if we will work on.
  2. Be inspired. I know its hard to put into words on how to be inspired every time we start our day. But the simple reason to think to be inspired is your ALIVE. Means your being given a another chance to explore the beauty of the world.
  3. Extend your Love & Care to others. To love and beloved is the simple explanation of becoming happy. Share your love to others even if they are strangers to you by just showing your care that means a lot for them.
  4. Do what makes you happy. Don’t listen to those people who keep telling you to do this, to do that and anything. Follow what your desires though its good to listen advices but still in end your the master of your own life.
  5. Do what you think is right! Even if how risky it is but if you think that it is the right things to do then fight for it. Don’t give up ’til you get what you need. But remember not everything will be given to you.
  6. Show your LOVE to your family. Family is the only one who will be with us ’til the end. Even if how sinner we are nor how many times we fail their expectations still they will accept us. Asking why? Simply because they are our family. Let the word expound for you.
  7. Look for your LOVE. I mean look for the person who will be with you in sickness and in health, in richer & in poorer. You know what I mean? I guess, we all know about it. So, try to spend time with them as much as you can ’cause its the best key to become happy ’til the end.
  8. Share what you have. Are you aware of the saying ” Its better to give than to receive” Are you? Well, let the phrase speak for himself. It means a lot of happiness.
  9. Be with your friends. They are our second family. In fact, they will make us happy with all those crazy things you been spending together nor those happenings that let you smile.
  10. Put HIM in the mid of everything. Theres no other happiness we could ever claim if not because of HIM. Theres no other difficulties and success if without HIM. Always ask for his guidance as you travel along in your journey. Its the best key to be happy!

Have a great day everyone!…c”,)

MSI Mega Player 522BT...

This is pretty cool! I found one great gadget stuff over here in the net which is worth sharing specially for those music lovers. Anyway, I guess many of us here really loves to listen music whether it could be a love music, RNB, POP, rock melo songs or some other types of musics that can really touch our lives by simply listening on it. For that, here is the great music storage “MSI Mega Player 522BT”… love this thing…


MSI Mega Player 522BT

If you want to share your love for music with your special someone for the night, then it would be good to bring the Mega Player 522BT, with its twin 2.5mm headphone inputs. it has up to 1GB of internal memory, and an SD/MMC slot for more space or further organizing your collection. It also has interchangeable cover plates (to set the mood) and Bluetooth, so you pair it with compatible phone.

Amazing! Right? So, are you now convince to buy your own? Well, that would be a great idea of yours! Enjoy listening…c”,)

Source of Income....

Its been almost a year now that I been doing my serious blogging. I actually started my first blog way back two (2) years ago that was year 2006 without any anticipation that my blogs will turns out to be one of my source of income. Absolutely! You hear it right and I'm proud to let you know about it. Besides, I'm not the only one who been doing paid blogging right? In fact, all over the globe, millions of people if not billions are also using paid blogging as their source of income. I actually never had an idea before that my blogs will simply make a difference on my life. I mean I never thought that I can earn out of it. Well, thanks to my Sis Yen who happened to be my mentor on blogging. Blogging really plays a vital role in my life right now and hopefully it will last long.

Anyway, since, I'm already talking about paid blogging let me also talk about those several blog advertising companies who accepts bloggers. Those companies are basically design to let advertisers, publishers and bloggers meet with one another. A great place to trade several opportunities. One of the them is the Snapbomb blog advertising company. They provide a cool opportunities to all the bloggers around the globe. To my fellow bloggers, sign up with them now and have your blogs approved! Thanks to all the advertisers whom I've done several opportunities. I owe a lot from you guys! Keep up the good work!

Celebrity Endorsement...

We are all aware that TV commercial endorsements of those known companies is usually done by those big name celebrities for them to gather several customers who will buy nor purchased their products. There main purpose of hiring a TV personalities is clearly used for marketing purposes not unless those celebrities are also using those products or services. Celebrities is not easily grab by them to endorse their products which means to say that there are also several nor specific company who are closely affiliated with celebrity who are the one who organizes appointments and some other concerns if somebody opted to hire a celebrity just to endorse their products.

Eventually, if you are those person who wanted to hire a celebrity for your product endorsement or if you need a big name to appear in your next theater production better grab the chance now to visit this site for they are the one you been looking for! They are known to be the leading celebrity coordination company. So, better contact them now and if possible try to ask several questions. Rest assure that they will simply accommodate your concerns and with them your on the right hands.

Web Selling Solution...

Who among of you here who are planning to sell online? or Are you one of those people who do have a plan to sell several items and products here on the net? Well, if you do then I bet you really need a shopping cart software to easily track all the orders from your customers. Besides, securing a shopping cart for your business online is indeed a must for you in order to have an organize selling system. Aside from that, shopping carts is not just a tool for your business online but rather it is one of the most important thing you need in order to obtain your goal income. Right?

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Primary Solutions...

We cannot deny the very fact nowadays that each of us has its own obligations. Obligations to support the needs of our family, to pay our bills at home, at school, at work and obligation to do our individual task in order to survive. Due that very reason, we cannot avoid some times in our lives that we may encounter several common problems with regards to financial issues. We are all aware that not all of the time we do have enough cash to pay all the bills and debts we owe. For that, we need not to worry 'cause as of this present time there are several companies who provides loans to those people who are really in need despite the fact, that there are lots of people nowadays who do already have a bad credit history.

So, for those people out there who are looking for a great and reliable provider of bad credit loans better have a chance now to visit this site for they are the one you been looking! All you need to do is visit their site and apply at them online. Rest assure that with them everything is under control! Secure your loans now!

10 Blogging Tips To Consider...

Thursday, May 1, 2008

I know and we both all know that there are thousands of bloggers already exist and bloggers who just came in the blogging world. But did you know what are the those common things why there are lots of people nowadays who tend to indulge in the blogging world were some of them are resigning in their current jobs? Nor did you know what are their main reasons? I guess, its pretty obvious already for those bloggers who already knew the reasons why. I came up to formulate this post just to express my mind as to what I see, feel, and observe to all the bloggers in this present age and blogging as one of the major source of income.

Top10 things to know about blogging:

1. We all want to earn. This is the motivating factor why all of us choose to blog. Though the fact is their are some bloggers who were just being influence by their family, and friends which in fact they seldom wrote articles ever since but because they’ll gonna earn out it they learn to write on things which they think is cool to write about.
2. Be creative. In what sense? Well, be creative in the particular category you choose to write an article. Blogging is isn’t just about writing those pretty non-sense things which we commonly encounter in our day to day ramblings. You have to be wise about what you blog.
3. Be sincere. Why? Simply because if you wanted to earn by just giving your feedback even if its a fiction, personal nor essay type feedback you have to make it sure that the advertisers will definitely understand what you wanted to til your readers about their products nor services.
4. Try to gather friends. How? Participate those online communities that will surely earn your blog a visitor. But bare in mind that the golden rule in communities is you have to pay them back a visit to their blogs nor sites.
5. Write your own article. Why? Blogging is not about copy and paste. You have to make your own article/post that merely talks about something were people can relate can relate nor took some lessons on it.
6. Build your traffic. How? Write a quality post and try to visit blogs. This really work! They will pay you a visit too. Do it more often if possible.
7. Build your Page Rank. How and why? As I said try to make your own quality post, visit blogs, exchange a link with them and continue to participate on communities. The higher the PAGE RANK you got the more opportunities to come.
8. Keep updated. Update your blogs weekly nor if possible if you got your own internet connections at home with your desktop nor laptop computers update it daily. Why? So that your readers will know that your just their.
9. Share what you got. What?If you got your own earnings already try to give some to your family. It is were you’ll find the really meaning why do you blog.
10. Dare to blog. It keeps you updated on the outside world. This will help you enhance your vocabulary, proper usage of grammars even if your fluent enough already on English ’cause remember were all not perfect and will definitely this will give you the assurance to aim high and hit the mar.

That’s it! Have a great day everyone!…c”,)

Freedom of the Press...

Its nice and honor to think that people is really aware that expressing their minds is the best way to improve their selves and make them stand on their own. But its so sad rather to think that their are still people out there who didn’t have a courage to express what they feel towards a particular situation nor people who doesn’t have a voice to fight what they believe is right. Too bad… But I guess, they might have their own reasons why they prefer to shut up rather than to voice out. They might protecting somebody nor anyone else just to save their lives. Whatever their reason is I just want to let them know that telling the truth and what’s on your mind will definitely set you free even if the person is involve are those people who are near in your heart but could you dare to just shut up rather than voicing out that will save the lives of millions? Could you dare to put a tape on your mouth rather than telling the truth that will definitely change the future of those innocent young ones? Will you dare to block the freedom of your mind to speak the truth that will absolutely save you from danger? For some nor many of you will do it for the sake of your family nor for those people whom care. Or maybe some nor many of you will speak your mind for the sake everybody.

What I’m trying to emphasize it here is “LET YOUR MIND SPEAK “… Give the freedom of your mind to speak what he see is right and what he believe is for the better. Don’t be afraid to speak your mind ’cause every opinion is welcome as long as you believe that its right. Fight for the better! Learn by example…

Quality Articles Issues...

Its been quite sometime now that I have been blogging to those things that best interest me. Things, places and serious matters that somehow encourage me to write a quality post in order to sustain an interactive blog in which some nor many of those bloggers, visitors and viewers who came in to browse my blog will somehow at least appreciate my work though I’m not really particular on who are they nor what level of Education they been. What’s important for me is they will understand my purpose of writing a specific post nor they will easily arrive to the point of knowing the essence of a particular thing.

I admit that, I may not be a good writer nor a perfect blogger who will respond to those issues about writing a quality post but one truth about all this things is I’m sincere of what I am doing. I know what are my limitations in this field and eventually what are the things that I need to learn. Blogging is still learning! Education is always involve in any activities you been craving to do so. Specifically, blogging is one of a great idea to learn and explore new things around us. It enables us to do certain things that we didn’t do before. Yes! Definitely! For what reason? Well, I guess for those bloggers out there knew already what I mean. But to discuss it, you are certain to do those things for one reason and that was to build story , discussion and experience that you can probably post it on your online journal/blog. Right?

On the other hand, I don’t know exactly what does other people say about ” QUALITY POST “… Obviously, its self explanatory subject. But I was just really wondering that there are lots of people out there who use to say that your post “doesn’t make any sense “ … or let say ” you really had a bad grammars and vocabularies “… One thing and foremost, Who are you to tell me like those word? Who are you to discriminate my work? Do you think your qualified enough to judge me? Oh common people! Nobody’s perfect in this world not unless you think you are! Actually, I happened to arrive to this topic since, I got a friend who just started to do a paid post in a couple days ago but too bad He was being ban by one of the paid post company ’cause according to them ” Very poor quality reviews that do not meet many of our requirements “… Yes! they had a right to do it but my concern is “What kind of reviews they want? “… He’s giving his honest feedback as to what he think is right! But still they ban him without any warning which means to say he could no longer be accepted in there company anymore!….

My purpose of writing this post is to let those ADVERTISERS know that you are only looking for feedbacks on your site, services and products and one thing for sure to anticipate on that is you’ll probably receiving a personal feedback on it. Don’t expect more since, we are not being paid to advertise your products! We are just paid to provide a FEEDBACK and REVIEWS. Get it?…. So, I just do hope that everything will be fair….

Marketing Outlooks...

Marketing the fish to the pet shops, however, was pretty much old school: phone calls, and then the owners would go over to the fish breeders or distributors to look at the product. This could be a time-consuming process, often taking the better part of a week. This was further aggravated by the fact that the product is essentially livestock it had to move fast, otherwise there would be higher mortality rates. Business essentially became a race for time, for the breeders to pass the fish on to the distributors, who can then send it to the shops, and the the shops can finally sell the fish to customers and all this has to be done without the fish getting the worse for wear.

All that, however, has changed with the introduction of telephones with integrated cameras. Filipinos are practically symbiotic with their cellphones, so it’s no surprise that in an arcane business such as aquarium fish, technology has made the business cycle much faster (and therefor, there is a possibility of more profit with the increased number of business cycles).

Weapons of choice are either cellphones with digicams, megapixel digicams, and a PC with an Internet connection. Of course, there are some business compatibility issues: many of the fish breeders are looking for a cellphone with digicam that is waterproof, inasmuch as accidentally dunking a cellphone is a very real concern. But other than that, the business of aquarium fish breeding has become fast and sophisticated. Some fish businessmen keep whole photo galleries of fish in their cellphones, ready to sell at a moment’s notice.

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