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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Its been quite sometime now that I have been blogging to those things that best interest me. Things, places and serious matters that somehow encourage me to write a quality post in order to sustain an interactive blog in which some nor many of those bloggers, visitors and viewers who came in to browse my blog will somehow at least appreciate my work though I’m not really particular on who are they nor what level of Education they been. What’s important for me is they will understand my purpose of writing a specific post nor they will easily arrive to the point of knowing the essence of a particular thing.

I admit that, I may not be a good writer nor a perfect blogger who will respond to those issues about writing a quality post but one truth about all this things is I’m sincere of what I am doing. I know what are my limitations in this field and eventually what are the things that I need to learn. Blogging is still learning! Education is always involve in any activities you been craving to do so. Specifically, blogging is one of a great idea to learn and explore new things around us. It enables us to do certain things that we didn’t do before. Yes! Definitely! For what reason? Well, I guess for those bloggers out there knew already what I mean. But to discuss it, you are certain to do those things for one reason and that was to build story , discussion and experience that you can probably post it on your online journal/blog. Right?

On the other hand, I don’t know exactly what does other people say about ” QUALITY POST “… Obviously, its self explanatory subject. But I was just really wondering that there are lots of people out there who use to say that your post “doesn’t make any sense “ … or let say ” you really had a bad grammars and vocabularies “… One thing and foremost, Who are you to tell me like those word? Who are you to discriminate my work? Do you think your qualified enough to judge me? Oh common people! Nobody’s perfect in this world not unless you think you are! Actually, I happened to arrive to this topic since, I got a friend who just started to do a paid post in a couple days ago but too bad He was being ban by one of the paid post company ’cause according to them ” Very poor quality reviews that do not meet many of our requirements “… Yes! they had a right to do it but my concern is “What kind of reviews they want? “… He’s giving his honest feedback as to what he think is right! But still they ban him without any warning which means to say he could no longer be accepted in there company anymore!….

My purpose of writing this post is to let those ADVERTISERS know that you are only looking for feedbacks on your site, services and products and one thing for sure to anticipate on that is you’ll probably receiving a personal feedback on it. Don’t expect more since, we are not being paid to advertise your products! We are just paid to provide a FEEDBACK and REVIEWS. Get it?…. So, I just do hope that everything will be fair….


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