Disney World Fun

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Who among of you here that are planning to have a great adventure in Disney World? Are you one of those people who wanted to have fun and enjoy in the amazing world of Disney Land? Well, if are then better have your Disney World Tickets now at 'cause they are the one who offers a great and amazing discounts for the said tickets. Aside from Disney tickets they also offer several tickets for Florida night attractions, exhibitions in museums, concert tours, and some more else. For a more detailed and comprehensive listing on types of tickets they offer just visit their site and avail at them online.

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So, what are you waiting for! Its almost Winter season! The best time to have fun and enjoy with your family, friends, and loved-ones. The best time to unwind your self for a while and eventually enjoy every activities you might had in Disney World. Good thing is you'll be able to see and experience the life of Disney people especially you'll be able to meet the Disney characters in person. Amazing isn't it? How I wish to meet them too!...sigh... I don't know when. Anyway, in God's time I will definitely meet them soon.

Living a Healthy Lifestyle...

Educate Your Family, Educate yourself and your family. Learn how to cook healthy meals for your children and your family. The more knowledge you have as an adult, the more you can pass on to your children and give them a healthy start in life.

Build a Support Group, If you are starting a strict diet, try to get the support from your family and friends. The more informed people around you are the more you can count on them to support you in your pursue of a healthy lifestyle.

Avoid Temptation, Clean out the cupboards in your kitchen and through out everything that you shouldn’t eat. Create a new healthy kitchen for you and your family. Do not buy anything in the grocery store that is not on your diet. If you bring it home, you will end up eating it at a weak moment. The rule is very simple: If you shouldn’t eat it, don’t buy it!

Top Up On Tap, Bring a bottle of water with you everywhere you go whether it’s shopping, driving in your car, going to a meeting or just to work. Don’t let that water bottle leave your side all day. Keep drinking your water throughout the day.

Beat The Pavement, Take a walk around the block at night before you go to bed to clear your mind and to get some fresh air before you go to sleep. If you work in the city, take a 20 minutes walk at your lunch. It will relieve some stress and get your metabolism going. If you have the possibility to take a power nap nothing will recharge your batteries better then a 20-30 minutes catnap.

Nokia Sparrow multi-core computer...

Saturday, September 19, 2009

One of the biggest mobile phone makers Nokia does not have only the release of new phones on its mind for the ongoing year, since some other devices are reported to be in the works as well. Among them we should be able to see a compact mobile computer based on ARM’s multi-core Sparrow chip, which has been unveiled only last week.

Last day news said that the upcoming Nokia Sparrow multi-core computer will be running under Linux OS. Sadly, although its specs are highly elevated, it seems that the actual device is expected to hit the market at a later time, perhaps sometime in 2011. But, the company already has a prototype of the device which would show that the upcoming Nokia Sparrow does not feature the same design line as the current netbooks do, rather it comes closer to the MID area, while also resembling in a way Nokia’s N800 Internet tablet.

With this compact mobile computer, it is expected to come with multi-slide keyboard, providing different layouts/keys in accordance to the direction in which it is slid. At the same time, the display of the device is also able to slide in different directions offering these way different functionalities, somehow like the Nokia N97 tilting display. The keyboard also of the upcoming Nokia computer seems to come with a diamond shape and elevated keys inverted to each other. What is interesting thing about the Nokia Sparrow is its new, transparent widget-based interface. Each application that is running on the computer will get its own semi-transparent widget where it will place its content. At the same time, multiple applications can be stored in the memory for long periods of time.

Family Vacation...

Friday, September 11, 2009


Yikes! Christmas is coming! I can't wait to go home already. I'll be off on December for my work for my annual leave back home. You hear it right! I already book my ticket last week by second week of December and hopefully everything's will be fine and under control as the day arrives. Because of that, I was planning for an All inclusive family vacations. Since, I been out from our country for 15 months just to earn a living I guess, its now time to give myself and my family a great vacation that we didn't had yet every since. I was actually planning to take them all to Hong Kong as the first choice for a Disneyland Adventure but it seems that the it took me a bunch of money to spend if I'll consider it. Though absolutely we all enjoy. Second option was, Singapore Trip but my Sis told me that there's nothing to see in Singapore aside from the buildings and awesome place. So, probably we still have to think about it. Third option was, Thailand and according to my Sis whose been living their for 2 years back in 2003 and 2004 Thailand is really amazing! There were so much to see and so much to experience. Aside from affordable food and some other things, their people is really respectful.

So, probably I might consider Thailand for good. But I still need to confirm to my Mom, Dad, Sis and Bro if Thailand will do. If not then we have to look for some other option again. But at least I do have a plan now where to go this coming December before Christmas arrives. Wish us luck everyone!

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