Blogging is known to be...

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Bloggers nowadays is totally growing up! As it was already well published that you can took something out on your blogs by just providing a feedback to those advertisers who are building buzz nor promoting their services and products.

“Blogging is known to be one of the successful alternative in online marketing.”

Every companies wants to have a large number of customer subscribers to there specific services and products and because of that reason they even indulge online marketing as it was one of the most effective way to gain there targeted number of subscribers. Specifically, those companies who are promoting there products and services online is absolutely garnering what they want. In fact, we often observe that the number of advertiser nowadays is totally growing up ’cause they see and observe that online marketing really brings profits to them.

Eventually, the concept of blogging in the mid 90’s is not yet well embraced by billions of people. But as time pass by there are several people knew that it play a vital role in nation building were even until now its still habitually exercise. There are just some who knows that blogging is just an art of expressing your thoughts, ideas and perceptions towards a specific things, situation and issues. Well, literally those concept is definitely right but I guess, during those times paid blogging is not yet exercise by some people who already knew about it. In fact, there motives of indulging into blogging is to share there thoughts in which in return they wanted a concrete and detailed feedbacks on there perceptions.

In this present age, blogging continues were innovation of ideas is being put together to come up a specific goal. Primarily this ideas is not beyond everyones control but this primarily support the lives of every individual. It mainly talks about the walk of life of every human being and how man deal his/her own obligation in searching the best in life.

“Blogging really influence us to explore, share and expound our experiences in our chosen endeavor!”

Dashing Nokia Phones...

This is one of the most interesting gadget that airs in the Philippine industry nowadays. Filipinos is known to be the largestn80bis.jpg market place of cellphones. In fact, almost all Filipinos nowadays even those tricycle drivers has their own cellphones already. Though the fact that cellphones really provides an easy to use interface to easily connect to those people we care around the globe still we cannot deny the very fact that it might be one of the reason why there are lots of crimes happened in our society. But in genera, cellphones really plays a crucial role in every people nowadays.

Eventually, I have feature here now one of the Nokia cellphone which everybody loves to have it. The NOKIA N80 reflects and harmonized work and personal life through leading on-the-go productivity tools, multimedia entertainment and mobile photography in a design that communicates success. Weighing only 134 grams, the compact yet feature-rich 3G multimedia device is packed with performance, providing fast internet access and convenient intuitive browsing as well as the possibility to send and receive E-mails at Wireless LAN (WLAN) speeds.

With simple to use, yet advanced UPhP (Universal Plug and Play) technology the pioneering Nokia N80 can be used to tap into the digital home network, acting almost as a remote control, enabling secure and convenient access to compatible PCs, audio equipment and TVs. Consequently, images and videos stored on the Nokia N80 or a compatible PC can be viewed wirelessly to any compatible UPhP-enabled home printer or printing kiosk.

Technology Innovation...

Moving on to present day, by now you probably have heard the term “dual-core”. Just what exactly is this technology? To put it simply, it’s two processors sharing the same space of silicon. Up until recently we’ve only been mostly exposed to single-processor systems, and in some cases, two or more processors working in parallel. So, what exactly does dual-core bring to the table?

First and foremost, having two independent processors will allow for two separate streams of instructions to run at the same time, effectively doubling performance assuming that the software is designed to make use of the setup, which isn’t quite the case yet. For example, while playing games, one processor could be handling the computer AI, while the other one is taking care of the physics. Dual-core also takes a lot less space than having two actual processors on the same board, and saves energy because of the decreased power consumption of its architecture. It has one big disadvantage, however. As mentioned earlier, the software has to be able to make use of both cores, otherwise the advantage in them is lost, so investing in the technology this early might be a waste of money, since the operating systems and programs still have some of catching up to do, and computing trends have shown that prices tend to drop down significantly as time goes on and the market becomes acclimated to the new products.

Innovative Laser Mouse...

At first glance, this mouse seems a little large for those with tiny hands. And to a certain, it is true. The over-contoured arching of the device makes handling a huge effort for people with smaller palms and shorter fingers. Look elsewhere, too if you are a left-hander. The ” Cruise Control” a rocker that works in all four directions, surrounds the scroll wheel like a silver collar, allowing users to quickly navigate through long documents before using the scroll wheel to view it line by line. Rubberized grooves on both sides of the mouse ensure a proper grip during operations.

The over indentation on the left flank of the mouse is crafted to cradle the thumb comfortably. Adjacent to the indentation is a set of thumb controls for navigation back and forward, useful when surfing the internet. It also includes an application switch button, which acts as an alternative to the ALT+TAB function. The solid exterior is void of any loose panels and absent of any battery doors thanks to its rechargeable internal battery. A battery indicator is also on the mouse. For those who are constantly on the move, you may have to find another alternative, no thanks to its bulky dock and AC adaptor. The buttons can also be re-assigned to user preferences.

FunChain a friendblog cumminity...

As of this moment, two of the most popular Internet activities are social networking and blogging. Sites like Friendster, Blogger, Wordpress, Livejournal and etc. offer simple blogging tools for personal publishing. And then theres Funchain which brings together the best of both worlds.

Funchain is an online service that provides tools for shared blogs, which have been termed as ” FriendBlogs”. When you register, Funchain automatically creates a FriendBlog for you. You can rename it into whatever you want, and post about any topic under the sun. In posting entries, you can opt for regular text or you can put in HTML tags to add a little punch to your post layout. You can also make several FriendsBlog, which can either be private or public. Keep track of FriendBlogs is no trouble at all, because Funchain supports RSS, a program that collects post and notifies you few new post.

Social networking comes in when you connect with other people who have the same interest as you. Funchain search function allows you to search for your friends by typing in their first and last names, or you can search through FriendBlogs by title, content, and member ID. Like the well-known networking sites, Funchain enables you to access your friends’ profile pages which contain personal information like civil status, gender, age, nationality, education, occupation, and the like. You can also opt to include a picture and a short description of yourself in your profile page.

Casio Camera....

If you could still remember in my previous post that I wanted to purchased my own camera so soon enough if I already have enough cash to buy one. I’m considering the Canon Model but only find out that its too expensive which will cost me around 60k to 70k pesos. Oh! Too expensive. So, I look around and found this little Mini Photo Snapper which I think is so cool ’cause its pretty cute and handy! Aside from that it will cost me a little bet more lower. Here it is…



Itching for smaller cameras like this,but you want more controls from it? Look no further. Casio, the innovator when it comes to ultra slim digicam design, has given us the Casio Exilim EXP-700. With the 4x zoom Canon lenses with it. It uses a 7.4 MP CCD sensor for those who like their memories to be large as life. And for those who like to capture memorable movies, the Casio supports virtually unlimited 320 X 240 movie recording with audio.

How important to set your goals?

Monday, March 3, 2008

Its been a quite sometime already that I don’t have a work since the day I came home from Tokyo, Japan. Actually, I been planning to look for a job since I really wanted to hone and practice my profession. But I guess, it really takes time to find a suitable job that best suit on your capabilities and knowledge. Aside from that fact, companies standards nowadays are too high to the extend that they are looking for a skilled workers that will definitely render the best and reliable service. Besides its indeed one of the vital factors to consider in hiring an applicant. Due to that, I came to a realization that leads me to a question that ” Is it really hard to set your goals?”…. I mean, everybody is entitled to set his/her goals but is it that really so hard?…

For some reasons, setting your goals is wasn’t easy ’cause you have to consider and anticipate those things that you didn’t expect to come. Things that will somehow give you the real meaning of life. In fact, even if how eager we are to pursue our plans as it was set already we can’t still avoid issues that might possible come in our way. Whether we like it or not still we don’t have a choice but to accept whatever it is! Besides, there are lots of ways to deal with it and we just need to be patient in order to pursue our plans.

On the other hand, setting goals is just a guide as to where we wanted to be but it does not necessarily mean that you have to fulfill all of those ’cause remember we are just humans. We don’t own everything! I mean, we could not win everything we want! Theres always a limitation that help us realized and think that life indeed is not perfect. But imperfection is not a hindrance to fulfill our individual goals but rather it serves as our motivating factor to aim high and hit the mark. Good luck everyone!

A disturb Reflection...

Loving someone and being loved back is the most precious thing that I ever experience. I been through to ups and downs though I could not really say yet that I’m already a versatile person in terms of relationship. Been to relationships for how many times and the last I have is longest one. We been together for about two years and something which helps me realized that love is isn’t about how long you stay together nor how far you been as couples. We shared a lot of our dreams, commitments, struggles, pains, happiness, trust, loyalty and LOVE. But still it isn’t working since, I really have to leave to pursue my plans. She’s actually my college girlfriend and I’d be liar I will say that I don’t love her anymore! She was still the reason why I keep on fighting and go far as I could. I’m setting all my goals and ambitions not just for myself but for my family and for her. It may sound corny for you but little do we know that the corny things in this world are true. Right?

This is actually a recent encounter of my journey to the road of happiness but I guess, time is not fair ’cause I’m trying to win her heart back to me but she didn’t accept my genuine purpose why I wanted her to come back. I guess, not every thing in this world will be yours in one single moment. You really have to wait for the right time to come if its actually for you. I just really feel bad about it ’cause the person I some anticipate that will understand and support me along my journey she can’t bare with me as I really have to pursue my plans besides, I’m not doing all of this for my own good! Too bad! It actually hurts but I know life must go on despite the fact that she’s not with me anymore and I don’t know what life brings with us ahead.

Farewell, to you my boo and I’m setting you free as what you ever wanted! Maybe, time will heal the wounds we both share and despite the fact, that your still the person I use to love I just do hope that your not closing your door for all the possibilities that may link us in the near future! I just wanted to separate our ways without any hesitations and free from pains. Your always be apart of me wherever I am or maybe even if time will come that I will knew that your settling down. Still your my close friend, my friend, my partner, my princess, my love and my boo. Good luck on your life and be happy as you can be!…. Farewell!…c”,)

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