Innovative Laser Mouse...

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

At first glance, this mouse seems a little large for those with tiny hands. And to a certain, it is true. The over-contoured arching of the device makes handling a huge effort for people with smaller palms and shorter fingers. Look elsewhere, too if you are a left-hander. The ” Cruise Control” a rocker that works in all four directions, surrounds the scroll wheel like a silver collar, allowing users to quickly navigate through long documents before using the scroll wheel to view it line by line. Rubberized grooves on both sides of the mouse ensure a proper grip during operations.

The over indentation on the left flank of the mouse is crafted to cradle the thumb comfortably. Adjacent to the indentation is a set of thumb controls for navigation back and forward, useful when surfing the internet. It also includes an application switch button, which acts as an alternative to the ALT+TAB function. The solid exterior is void of any loose panels and absent of any battery doors thanks to its rechargeable internal battery. A battery indicator is also on the mouse. For those who are constantly on the move, you may have to find another alternative, no thanks to its bulky dock and AC adaptor. The buttons can also be re-assigned to user preferences.


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