How important to set your goals?

Monday, March 3, 2008

Its been a quite sometime already that I don’t have a work since the day I came home from Tokyo, Japan. Actually, I been planning to look for a job since I really wanted to hone and practice my profession. But I guess, it really takes time to find a suitable job that best suit on your capabilities and knowledge. Aside from that fact, companies standards nowadays are too high to the extend that they are looking for a skilled workers that will definitely render the best and reliable service. Besides its indeed one of the vital factors to consider in hiring an applicant. Due to that, I came to a realization that leads me to a question that ” Is it really hard to set your goals?”…. I mean, everybody is entitled to set his/her goals but is it that really so hard?…

For some reasons, setting your goals is wasn’t easy ’cause you have to consider and anticipate those things that you didn’t expect to come. Things that will somehow give you the real meaning of life. In fact, even if how eager we are to pursue our plans as it was set already we can’t still avoid issues that might possible come in our way. Whether we like it or not still we don’t have a choice but to accept whatever it is! Besides, there are lots of ways to deal with it and we just need to be patient in order to pursue our plans.

On the other hand, setting goals is just a guide as to where we wanted to be but it does not necessarily mean that you have to fulfill all of those ’cause remember we are just humans. We don’t own everything! I mean, we could not win everything we want! Theres always a limitation that help us realized and think that life indeed is not perfect. But imperfection is not a hindrance to fulfill our individual goals but rather it serves as our motivating factor to aim high and hit the mark. Good luck everyone!


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