Casio Camera....

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

If you could still remember in my previous post that I wanted to purchased my own camera so soon enough if I already have enough cash to buy one. I’m considering the Canon Model but only find out that its too expensive which will cost me around 60k to 70k pesos. Oh! Too expensive. So, I look around and found this little Mini Photo Snapper which I think is so cool ’cause its pretty cute and handy! Aside from that it will cost me a little bet more lower. Here it is…



Itching for smaller cameras like this,but you want more controls from it? Look no further. Casio, the innovator when it comes to ultra slim digicam design, has given us the Casio Exilim EXP-700. With the 4x zoom Canon lenses with it. It uses a 7.4 MP CCD sensor for those who like their memories to be large as life. And for those who like to capture memorable movies, the Casio supports virtually unlimited 320 X 240 movie recording with audio.


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