A disturb Reflection...

Monday, March 3, 2008

Loving someone and being loved back is the most precious thing that I ever experience. I been through to ups and downs though I could not really say yet that I’m already a versatile person in terms of relationship. Been to relationships for how many times and the last I have is longest one. We been together for about two years and something which helps me realized that love is isn’t about how long you stay together nor how far you been as couples. We shared a lot of our dreams, commitments, struggles, pains, happiness, trust, loyalty and LOVE. But still it isn’t working since, I really have to leave to pursue my plans. She’s actually my college girlfriend and I’d be liar I will say that I don’t love her anymore! She was still the reason why I keep on fighting and go far as I could. I’m setting all my goals and ambitions not just for myself but for my family and for her. It may sound corny for you but little do we know that the corny things in this world are true. Right?

This is actually a recent encounter of my journey to the road of happiness but I guess, time is not fair ’cause I’m trying to win her heart back to me but she didn’t accept my genuine purpose why I wanted her to come back. I guess, not every thing in this world will be yours in one single moment. You really have to wait for the right time to come if its actually for you. I just really feel bad about it ’cause the person I some anticipate that will understand and support me along my journey she can’t bare with me as I really have to pursue my plans besides, I’m not doing all of this for my own good! Too bad! It actually hurts but I know life must go on despite the fact that she’s not with me anymore and I don’t know what life brings with us ahead.

Farewell, to you my boo and I’m setting you free as what you ever wanted! Maybe, time will heal the wounds we both share and despite the fact, that your still the person I use to love I just do hope that your not closing your door for all the possibilities that may link us in the near future! I just wanted to separate our ways without any hesitations and free from pains. Your always be apart of me wherever I am or maybe even if time will come that I will knew that your settling down. Still your my close friend, my friend, my partner, my princess, my love and my boo. Good luck on your life and be happy as you can be!…. Farewell!…c”,)


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