Useful Tips to increase your blog traffics...

Friday, February 29, 2008

There’s a lot of things to consider if you wish to have a lot of visitors in your blog or your personal site which is eventually one of the major factor in increasing your Page Rank. As I mention in my previous post about How to increase your Page Rank, I told you that you must have to submit your blogs in blog directories right?…But the other thing that you must have to consider if you wish to increase your site traffics forgetting about Page rank first ’cause its impossible to obtain Page Rank if you don’t have a high traffics and more links to your site.

Here is some tips I often observe if you want to increase your site traffics..

* Join in Existing Communities. Yeah! It enables your blog site to be more fully established in the world wide web. Its one of the best way to create a higher traffics and links to your site. I recommend you to join this community, Photo Hunters, and try to consider those communities which you think is helpful to increase your traffics.

* Create a Poll. Yes! I recommend you to make a poll which enables your visitors to vote in the discussions or questions you made through the poll. I might not be so sure of it but I highly recommend it ’cause that enables your visitor to keep accessing your site.

* Encourage your readers and visitors to leave a message. Yes! encourage them to leave a message for you ’cause it is one of the best way to know if your site is quite accessible, good, unique and reliable site for some informations. Asking why? Its the best way to improve your site.

So, I guess that might be useful for you nor for me too. Cause I actually do that way! I just share it with you ’cause I wanted you to grow as you build up your blogs or site to make it a useful site for anybody! Lets break a leg now!…Have a good luck on you guys!…c”,)


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