MSI Mega Player 522BT...

Friday, May 2, 2008

This is pretty cool! I found one great gadget stuff over here in the net which is worth sharing specially for those music lovers. Anyway, I guess many of us here really loves to listen music whether it could be a love music, RNB, POP, rock melo songs or some other types of musics that can really touch our lives by simply listening on it. For that, here is the great music storage “MSI Mega Player 522BT”… love this thing…


MSI Mega Player 522BT

If you want to share your love for music with your special someone for the night, then it would be good to bring the Mega Player 522BT, with its twin 2.5mm headphone inputs. it has up to 1GB of internal memory, and an SD/MMC slot for more space or further organizing your collection. It also has interchangeable cover plates (to set the mood) and Bluetooth, so you pair it with compatible phone.

Amazing! Right? So, are you now convince to buy your own? Well, that would be a great idea of yours! Enjoy listening…c”,)


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