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Monday, May 12, 2008

sony-ericsson-w900.jpgSony Ericsson adds its first UMTS handset to the Walkman range of music phones bringing the total number of phones in the range to four. The W900 is a high quality fully specified music player, phone and imaging device capable of super fast downloads of all types of multimedia - music, video and graphics. It follows the highly successful global market launch of the W800. Two previously announced Walkman phones are also about to launch, the W600 in the Americas and W550 in the rest of the world, meaning there are now Walkman phones meeting a broad spectrum of mobile music needs and price segments.

As a music player, the W900 makes it easy to import, transfer, manage and play music from operators’ over the air (OTA) music download services, allowing tracks to be downloaded directly to the phone while on the move and, from a PC when tracks have been copied from the owner’s CD collection.

One of the most appealing features of the W900 is how easy it is to import, transfer, play and manage music files. Tracks can be imported from a variety of sources, either over the air direct to the phones if it supports an available operators music download service, or via a PC.

Transferring digital music files from a PC to the phone is a simple “drag and drop” affair and the W900 is also fully compatible with user copied content from all leading music management software packages. This si particularly useful for consumers already owning another type of digital music player who want to transfer tracks that originated from their CD collection on to the W900.


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