10 Blogging Tips To Consider...

Thursday, May 1, 2008

I know and we both all know that there are thousands of bloggers already exist and bloggers who just came in the blogging world. But did you know what are the those common things why there are lots of people nowadays who tend to indulge in the blogging world were some of them are resigning in their current jobs? Nor did you know what are their main reasons? I guess, its pretty obvious already for those bloggers who already knew the reasons why. I came up to formulate this post just to express my mind as to what I see, feel, and observe to all the bloggers in this present age and blogging as one of the major source of income.

Top10 things to know about blogging:

1. We all want to earn. This is the motivating factor why all of us choose to blog. Though the fact is their are some bloggers who were just being influence by their family, and friends which in fact they seldom wrote articles ever since but because they’ll gonna earn out it they learn to write on things which they think is cool to write about.
2. Be creative. In what sense? Well, be creative in the particular category you choose to write an article. Blogging is isn’t just about writing those pretty non-sense things which we commonly encounter in our day to day ramblings. You have to be wise about what you blog.
3. Be sincere. Why? Simply because if you wanted to earn by just giving your feedback even if its a fiction, personal nor essay type feedback you have to make it sure that the advertisers will definitely understand what you wanted to til your readers about their products nor services.
4. Try to gather friends. How? Participate those online communities that will surely earn your blog a visitor. But bare in mind that the golden rule in communities is you have to pay them back a visit to their blogs nor sites.
5. Write your own article. Why? Blogging is not about copy and paste. You have to make your own article/post that merely talks about something were people can relate can relate nor took some lessons on it.
6. Build your traffic. How? Write a quality post and try to visit blogs. This really work! They will pay you a visit too. Do it more often if possible.
7. Build your Page Rank. How and why? As I said try to make your own quality post, visit blogs, exchange a link with them and continue to participate on communities. The higher the PAGE RANK you got the more opportunities to come.
8. Keep updated. Update your blogs weekly nor if possible if you got your own internet connections at home with your desktop nor laptop computers update it daily. Why? So that your readers will know that your just their.
9. Share what you got. What?If you got your own earnings already try to give some to your family. It is were you’ll find the really meaning why do you blog.
10. Dare to blog. It keeps you updated on the outside world. This will help you enhance your vocabulary, proper usage of grammars even if your fluent enough already on English ’cause remember were all not perfect and will definitely this will give you the assurance to aim high and hit the mar.

That’s it! Have a great day everyone!…c”,)


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