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Monday, June 9, 2008

Who among of you here who loves the user interface and features of Samsung cellphones? Well, if you are looking for a great model of Samsung Cellphone then I bet this is the best one for you! But of course for those people out there who are not in favor in this cellphone then thats your choice already not mine! Better look for some that best suit on you! Anyway, wants to know more about this phone? Well here it is…



Looking for a cellphone that has killer looks, and is still quite useful? You can try the Samsung’s new SGH-E630. It’s got a VGA camera, a color TFT display, and noise suppression technology for making calls in noisy and crowded places. It’s perfect for making those important calls if you get lost on the way to a date. If you want more charm for the phone, then look for the MTV asia awards special edition version. It comes in flaming red.

So, what do you think Samsung cellphone lovers? Isn’t it great? Well, better try it for you to judge it!…c”,)


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