Blogging Lesson...

Saturday, June 21, 2008

I usually blog during Midnights since, we only got 1 desktop computer which owned by my Sis. So, definitely she was the one who usually used it during daytime. But having 1 computer is not a hindrance for me to stop from writing. Its just a matter of time management, perseverance, patience, and love on what you do. Having been to a serious blogging for almost a year now through the encouragement of my Sis was really great and one of the best opportunities I got!. Simply because its the best way to express my mind, perception into particular subject, and hone my English vocabularies. I do accept that, I’m not really a good writer nor writer itself but I guess, regardless of race, sex, and religion blogging is for anyone! And I know in time, in place and in moment I can be the best writer in my own little ways…

One more thing, blogging really influence the lives of every people as it was one of the best way to express your mind on what you perceive is right or wrong! I may not have a great perceptions in some other specific things but I’m pretty much sure that what I wrote here is the sole of my being!


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