My Laptop Features...

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Genuine Windows Vista Home Basic, Intel Celeron. M Processor 520, 512MB DDR2 SDRAM, 80GB (5400rpm) HDD, DVD SuperMulti drive, 15.4? diagonal widescreen, 802.11b/g wireless LAN.

DVD SuperMulti Drive: Burn CDs/DVDs share images, play music and watch DVD movies.

INTEGRATED 802.11b/g: which enables me to roam around our house as long as I’m inside our house.

Toshiba’s BRIDGE MEDIA ADAPTER simplifies transferring pictures and other digital data.

So, what can you say about it? Whatever…I owned this through blogging! I never thought that I’ll gonna have this one since, never in my mind nor in my dreams that I’ll gonna have my own laptop just by blogging in things that I love to share and everything that inspires me. Believe me or not guys, you’ll gonna earn through your blogs. You just need to devote your time, effort, patience and knowledge on it.

Eventually, I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to all the advertisers who gave me a chance to express my mind on giving my feedback regarding to their products. But most of all, I’d like to thank my Sis Yen who in one way help me a lot and who introduced me in blogging world and for the never ending support in realizing my goal.

Dare to blog everyone!…Have a nice day!..c”,)


Justme said...

Toeshitba those are the worst laptops known to man. God help you when it starts to break or lock up and it will... The customer servers for this company sucks. I own two ToeShitBas the first one was so bad that a class action lawsuit was filed and I was given a credit to purchase a new laptop along with thousands of other. The replacement computer was newer and looked like it would be better. HA!!! It is also a piece of crap. It crashed the after using it 2 weeks. I sent it in for the same problem 3 times in a row. The last time I sent it in was 2 months ago. I have never seen it again. I called and called but they claim they needed to order a part. This was not a local repair shop. I sent it to ToeShitba directly. 2 months later and still no computer. I call again and ask if they can just give be a new one. The CS department manager said I'm sorry but we do not offer replacement computers you will just need to be patient and wait for the computer to come back. I asked when... She said I have no way of knowing that. BS. A week later my wife told me her mother was having a problem with a new computer she bought locking up every couple of minutes. Guess what brand of computer she bought? You got it. She returned it and purchased a HP and she has never been happier.

This was not a prize you got. It was a flaming arrow in the heart. Just take it and sell it on ebay to some fool. Good luck.

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