Do you know the real essence of Education?

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Education will help to uplift and revive the idealism of every family and strengthen the bonds of duty. It is a set of educational programs or services designed to meet the particular needs of exceptional children. This education is having the vital role in uplifting man's personality. On the other hand, education is a vital element in our life because this will serve as the biggest foundation to success.

Education is important because it guides nor leads people to heed with so much care the priorities in values development of personal discipline, human dignity, nationalism, family solidarity, civic conscience, honest, humility, justice, courage and wisdom in oder to obey the strong desire of country. On the hand, education will help each and everyone of us become a good member of the society, above and foremost it will help us obtain our goals of success.

If people are properly educated, they must be equipped with critical knowledge and skills and the right attitude and values not only to function and live well in society, but also to be creative, productive and useful citizens of the country. Moreover, this education is our weapon to succeed, that is why if there is no education there will be no professionals at all.


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