Education: A tool to Web Learning...

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Have you ever tried to asked your mother, father, uncle’s, tita’s, friends, relatives or anyone what is Education for them? Or have you ever tried to asked yourself what is Education for you? I guess, Education is a self explanatory subject that pertains and bears all things that we see around us. Well, Education is simply the reason why we need to keep on exploring by just even asking our fellow people with regards to particular things that we are curious about.

“Education is the basic foundation of knowledge and plays a vital role in achieving one’s success. There would never be a professionals like Doctors, Scientist, Engineers, Teachers, and all other forms of profession if there were no Education. Simply because Education was the driving force and very essence in uplifting man’s personality. It develops, enlightens one’s mind and perhaps it is the great and noblest contractive force ever set in motion”.

Education is a vital elements in our life rather it would also make as more mature and brave enough in facing the realities of our individual life. It will not only enrich our know how but rather it would also strengthen the bonds if our individual journey to the road of success and victory. I therefore conclude that, Education is a lifelong process until the day you ceased to exist..Give a high importance in Education!…c”,)


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