Fighting children's future...

Sunday, January 9, 2011

We are aware that children is the successor for the next generation. Right? We also know that as guardians and as parents they need us to guide and eventually educate them to become a better and productive citizens. Right? So, it is therefore clear that as guardians and parents we are task to raised them up despite the problems that we commonly encounter such poverty. Basically, poverty is not a hindrance to fulfill our dreams for them. Poverty only depends to each an everyone of us. Every single problems in this world has its corresponding reasons why God permitted us to experience. Because of that we need to find ways and means in order to give our children a brighter tomorrow. Poverty is not a reason to stop but eventually its a reason to never stop and exert more efforts to go beyond.

Anyhow, the other aspect that we need to look up is the health conditions of our children. As guardians and parents, we need to be responsive on their needs and wants. Though its not possible to give them everything they want but at least we do our part to support all their needs particularly on their health. Its too bad to think that their were children who were not given a great importance by their parents. And its too mad to think that their were children who are victims on malpractice on medicine. Specifically, they are those children whose parents could not afford to send their sick child to a certified Doctors or Surgeons. Because of that, as one nation and if you are concern on your fellow people specially for those young innocent children it is possible to live save their lives. In what ways? Well, if you knew who were those people who are performing an illegal operations you can submit them to the city officials particularly to the Department of Health. Those acts should not be condemn! They must be pay the law of land and the law God. Its good to save life but saving life through practice is not good anymore!

In fact, one of the most common illness that a child has is a cerebral palsy. Cerebral Palsy is a group of disorders associated with developmental brain injuries that occur during fetal development, birth, or shortly after birth. This common illness is not new already. There were several cases on this that has been solve and yet others are not. There are also cases that cerebral palsy operations turns to be an injury. For that, if you are those people who do have this type of cases that the cerebral palsy of your innocent child has been injured you can consult to a reliable cerebral palsy lawyers or Texas truck accident attorney who specializes both incidents that will definitely help you out to solve your issues. Don’t be afraid to voice out! Its your right to find the justice that you want for your injured child. By never condemning the injured operation of your child will also teach those Doctors who believes that they new everything on the said field. Aside from that, that will also give a lessons for them to be careful on handling an operations. All in all, as guardians and as parents, we need to exert more efforts for the benefit of our children.


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