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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Just recently this day I receive a comment from one of the bloggers. He was asking me if I can help him out to arrive at Iligan City, Philippines safely. Well, as a proud Iliganon I told him, Yes I can through this post by explaining it to here what are the thing he need to know before arriving at Iligan City and places that he should not forgot to visit with. Iligan City, Philippines has everything to offer you!

As a known City of Majestic Waterfall’s you have to bear in mind that the most sceneries you can absolutely experience here is the Waterfalls that you could not find in any other place. So, fasten your set belt, just relax and read the rest of the post. I’m sure you’ll really be amazed of all the waterfalls you gonna see and feel at Iligan City, Philippines.

There are lots of ways to arrive at Iligan City. Remember transportation is highly involve in arriving to this place. If you are from the other part of the globe nor a foreigner for to be specific you really have to had this things…

* Secure a VISA to enter the country(Philippines)
* Reserve your flight to Philippines.
* Secure a Hotel Accommodation
* Bring with you your camera, video camera and some other gadgets which you think is useful on your vacation to Philippines.
* Make sure that you didn’t miss anything with you.

But if you are a Filipino who came from other place of the Philippines you just need to follow this one…

* Secure your flight to Cagayan De Oro City since, theres no any direct flight to Iligan City. Besides it will just only took you 1 and a half hour you’ll already arrive at Iligan City by BUS or by VAN. But I highly recommend you to took a BUS ’cause its purely safe.
* If you already arrive at Cagayan De Oro, took a TAXI and told the Taxi driver to send you to BULUA Terminal. He know already were it is. Just beware of high price they ask from you. Most common rate they will ask you is P300 pesos right directly to BULUA Terminal more than that is not good already.
* Fi you already arrive at BULUA Termina, took a BUS which has a sign board either OZAMIZ, PAGADIAN, ZAMBOANGA or ILIGAN. Just either of that 4 they will surely bring you to ILIGAN CITY Terminal 1. Terminal 1 because there are two(2) terminals at Iligan the other one is Terminal 2 bound to South of Iligan City. Make sure you will drop at Terminal . But don’t worry the BUS will arrived first at Terminal 1.
* If you already arrived at ILIGAN CITY, Philippines you can took a TAXI just told him to bring you to available Hotels at Iligan. Here are the list of Hotels you can probably stay at Iligan City.

+ Maria Christina Hotel
+ Jalexis Inn
+ Farrah Hotel
+ Elena Hotel
+ Rene’s Pension House
+ There are some other Inns you can probably see at Iligan but the one I listed here is one of the best and highly recommended. Just told the Driver what particular hotel you will stay. He already know were it is.

Here the possible places you can visit at Iligan City which is the highly visited place by foreigners and local inviduals.

o Specifically located at Fuentes, Iligan City, Philippines. This is one of the eight wonders of the world. This is the supplier of electricity of the whole Mindanao Region of the Philippines. Its better to visit this during time between 10 am to 12 noon or 1 pm to 2 pm. You can ask the guard on duty.
* TINAGO FALLS ( hidden falls)
o Tinago Falls is specifically in between the province of Linamon, Lanao Del Norte and barangay Buru-un, Iligan City. This means that theres a way from Buru-un to the Hidden Falls and theres also a way from Linamo. But I highly recommend you the way of Buru-un. Its more convenient!
o Located on top of a hill within the Mabuhay Vinyl Corporation plant site, the small park rimming a lagoon is a burst of color and life. Visitors can go boating.
o Iligan City’s grandest Christian Catholic Church. On top stands the tallest figure of Senior San Miguel - Iligan City’s patron saint. It also have its beautifully crafted smoked glass of Senior San Miguel visible outside, and the life, death and resurrection of Christ inside.
o Its still under develop by the Municipality of Buru-un, Iligan City, Philippines. Since, it was one of the Falls in Iligan were nobody own it! Due to that, the Iligan City government assumes that it was a government property. A falls just near in my childhood school.
o The two-tiered falls is the country’s, probably Asia’s, highest waterfalls, with a total height of 870 ft. The lower cascade alone is higher than Maria Cristina. It is in Iligan’s eastern part, close to the boundaries of Bukidnon and Lanao del Sur. Situated in the hinterland barangay of Rogongon, it is 54 kms away.
o Located in Bonbonon, 14.5 kms away from the city, is a 65-foot high falls cascading down a concrete-like boulder. Its tranquil, cool water and lush vegetation is a real haven for nature lovers. The pool at the foot of the falls is very ideal for swimming.

Those were just of the great places you can visit with at Iligan City. I highly recommend you all to visit those places. I’m pretty much sure you’ll gonna love it I swear! All you have to do if your already at Iligan City from the hotel were you stay you can took a TAXI and told him were to go from all those places I’ve mention. Theres a jeepney you can took too but you might be confused if you will took a jeepney. Have a great day stay at ILIGAN CITY, Philippines everyone!


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