A gift...

Saturday, September 25, 2010

I been always wanting to buy my Girl a fair of precious metals which is made up of gold coins simply because I wanted to surprise here. But I guess, time is not fair sometimes ’cause honestly as of now, our relationship is quite complicated since, she cannot really take a long distance relationship.

In fact, she ask me to have a break for this moment ’cause she couldn’t really take it. I don’t have any choice but to let her go for a while since, I could not also take care our relationship. But if somehow, if we are really meant to be I will really surprised her with a fair of precious metals.

As of now, were both doing fine and I just do hope that everything goes right on the decision we both made. Well, I guess it would also be the best solution to avoid any misunderstanding that would just turn out to a serious problem.


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