Excited for my annual vacation!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

I know that its still too early to prepare for my annual vacation this coming December. But I can’t wait to prepare all the things that I need to do. In fact, I don’t really know if I have something to buy for my whole family as my Christmas gift ’cause honestly it was so expensive here in Abu Dhabi though I was planning to buy my Mom and Dad a pair of gold and likewise my younger Bro and Grandma who already ask me back last year yet I’m not certain to buy each of them due to the fact that it was really expensive.

If it happens that I’ll gonna buy for Mom of course I must also have a gift for the rest of them and the things is I might be out of budget if will do that. Sigh… What should I supposed to do?

Any suggestions everyone? Anyway, I actually bought some stuffs for my other siblings like a pair of shoes and clothes for my younger Sister whose in grade 5 now and was asking me to buy her a pretty dress for her Christmas party. Some t-shirts for my older Brother and Dad and some chocolates. And my Mom was asking me to buy gold coins for her. In fact, I even had a shipping boxes already where I put all the stuffs I buy. Of course, its not possible for me to carry it all by myself and so I need to send it through package.

As of now, I'm preparing a lot things for them. I know that they never ask anything from me as they say nothing important this coming Christmas as long as I am there celebrating with them. But still not convince… Well, I still have time though… Wish me luck everyone!


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