Christmas is coming to town!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Yikes! Christmas is coming yet another time to share the blessing we received in a year and give thanks to our only saviour Jesus Christ. Have you guys got a plan already for this coming Christmas season? Well, you don't have to hurry things up 'cause you still have a lot of time to prepare specially your Christmas gifts for your Mom, Dad, brothers, sisters, friends, relatives and loved-ones.

All you need to do right now is to start planning what to do for the upcoming season, what to give for all of them, what to prepare for Christmas time, what and where to celebrate Christmas. Its better to plan ahead of time rather than planning in hurry manner which may lead to surprised problems. Though we could not say that there'll no problems if we set all those things but st least we are prepared as to how to combat those scenarious in-case.

Anyhow, as for me I'm celebrating Christmas back home. Yepey!... In God's grace and in God's time, I'll be home in Christmas season for my annual vacation and to celebrate Christmas and New Year with them after 2 consecutive years I was out of the country. Misses home so bad!

As of now, I'm preparing things for my vacation soon. Hopefully it all turns out well with big smiles in our faces. I been planning to buy my Dad a watch as I've found a great deal on IWC Watches online. They offer a great deal which really suits on my budget. Hopefully he'll likes it. As for my Mom, I bought her a gold bracelet already and to my siblings, I still have to think what to buy for them. Wish me luck everyone!


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