Firefox 1.1 beta for the Nokia N900

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Mozilla is continuing the development of their mobile browser, and a new version of the application is available for download for the users of a Nokia N900. The new Firefox 1.1 beta for Nokia N900 builds on the same browser engine as the desktop Firefox 3.6, though it comes with a wide range of under the hood changes, so as to be optimized for use on mobile phones.

According to the development team, the new 1.1 beta release comes with a series of improvements on the browser experience area, including a polished user interface and a range of enhancements for the UI responsiveness and performance. Firefox 1.1 beta for the Nokia N900 comes with favorite features and great improvements, while being secure, powerful and customizable, Mozilla states.
The release notes of Firefox 1.1 beta for the Nokia N900 include:

* Use volume rocker to zoom in and out on the Nokia N900
* Download Here, First Run and Start page redesign to help you find and use your favorite Firefox features
* Add-ons now auto update and view full add-on gallery from the Add-ons Manager
* Portrait mode support on the Nokia N900
* Form assistant improvements, including autocomplete
* Context Menu with Open in New Tab and Save Image
* Manage site preferences (clearing passwords and others)
* Site Menu improvements and additions including Save to PDF, Forget Password and Add Search Engine
* Web content theme update

The browser also features support for add-ons, which can be installed directly from the Add-ons Manager. According to Mozilla, in order to benefit from all the capabilities of the browser, users should install the add-ons in the Firefox Mobile Starter Kit collection, along with those recommended add-ons in the Add-ons Manager.


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