Coins Collection...

Friday, April 2, 2010

Honestly I've always wanted to buy gold coins ever since when I was a child as sort of collections. But sad to say that I can't afford to buy those coins yet. When I reached college were I do already have a chance to collect those coins another issues rises up and that was about my financial unstability due to tuition fees at school. We are not reach and afford to buy all the good things in life.

When I already graduated and eventually obtain my first job in one of the place in my hometown I got a chance to buy some of the coins I love. Those were actually silver coins but still i love it despite that fact that I want to have a gold coins either.

In fact, just a couple of months ago, I already bought one gold coins here in Abu Dhabi, UAE my current city. But sad to say that it was stolen by one of my colleagues at work. I actually confronted him and even beg him to give me back my gold coins but nothing happens. He never give it back to me. He claims that he never took anything ffrom me especially my gold coins but I have a witnessed and he said that saw it the time my gold coins was lost. Sigh...

Hopefully , one day I'll gonna have a chance to collect those gold coins I love. As of now, I still need to do those things that are needed!

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