Long wait is over!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Yes! Exactly! The long wait for me to post a new article for this blog is over! As you notice that its been a couple of months I haven't been updating this blog due to my hectic schedule at work that requires a lot of my time. As you know, life here in abroad is quite so fast! From the start I struggle a lot to go along with those types of people I been casually interacting nowadays. I was not used to talk to them back then and working here in abroad is really a serious thing. Thanks God 'cause after sometime of earning a living here I'm gladly adjusted to the life I must have to follow.

Anyway, pardon me if I was not able to post an updates for this blog. To my dear readers if there is one, I'm sincerely saying "sorry". I hope you'll bare and excuse my reasons why. Hope in the coming days I'll be able to update this blog more often! Wish me luck! Have a nice day!


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