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Friday, July 25, 2008

Samar province has her share of nature’s bounty. Among the nature’s jewels which enchantingly lure tourists and local folks includes unexplored mountains and caves which are inhabited by exotic wildlife, pristine shores rimmed by unspoiled coral reefs, cloud-hidden lakes of blue surrounded by multi-colored flowers and beautiful beaches and waterfalls nestled beside a mountain. Here are some of Samar’s beautiful spots.


The park is situated at Rawis, Brgy. Guirang, Basey, Samar covering an approximate area of 840 hectares. Fascinating geological features abound in the area of the national park such as caves, hugs, limestone boulders, rockholes, weathered formation rocks and underground rivers.

The most prominent assemblage in the park is the cathedral-like caves, which are the Panhulugan I, and II, Sohoton and Bugosan. All the caves in the park are endogen caves in angular limestone cliff, which support the base of other crack system. It abounds with flowstones and dripstones. Two and a half (2½) hours motorboat ride from Tacloban City and two (2) hours ride from Basey proper can reach these tourist spots in Basey.

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