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Monday, June 30, 2008

Philippines got all the great dive sites which is absolutely fun to dive with...But one particular place in the Philippines if you wish to have your diving lessons better go with WIND AND WAVE DAVAO. Actually, I been working with them for a couple months as a Marketing Associate-Customer Care. For that span of time, as a Marketing I really have to indulge into diving though I'm not really a good swimmer 'cause basically it a requirement for me being a their Marketing. In fact being a swimmer is not necessary in diving its just a plus for you. There's no particular requirements if you want to have a Diving Lesson. But one thing for sure is that you must be physically fit of course.

Wind and Wave Davao is primarily located at PPA Building, Sta. Ana Wharf, Davao City Philippines. They all got the equipment you need and they do have a certified divers who will teach and accompany you as you take your course with them. Most of the divers are trained at PADI Australia. In fact, the owner of the said dive shop in the person of Mr. Albert Pinggoy who happened to be my boss once is a Certified Diving Instructor.


Mid-1993 saw the birth of City Shack Davao Dive Shop, a small operation that built its home in the heart of Davao City. That small operation soon turned into a full-fledged business as more and more enthusiasts sought the distinct pleasure of diving.

Riding the wave of success, City Shack relocated to a bigger and more accessible site at the city's biggest wharf. It was during this time in 1998 that City Shack became Whitetip Divers Davao, servicing a large portion of the diving community in Davao City.

By year-end of 2002, Whitetip was ready for another change. This time, the change included the introduction of kayaking, windsurfing, and kite boarding to the water sports enthusiasts. It also continued its commitment to the community in supporting the programs of the government and non-government organizations in promoting awareness and conservation of marine and aquatic resources as well as providing training for water safety and rescue operations. To encompass the expansion of its services, Whitetip needed a new identity. Hence, Wind and Wave Davao emerged as the embodiment of all of these.

With its firm commitment to quality service to its valued clients, love and protection of the marine environment, Wind and Wave Davao prides itself as the leader in aqua sports business for over a decade.

So, what are you waiting for?...Come, visit and have a dive with them!....c",)


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