Love Affair between Career...

Friday, February 29, 2008

This question is really confusing!…Why do I need to chose between my chosen field and my Girl? When I could do my job together with my LOVE ONE! …Why do I have to chose just one of them at a time? Why do I have to give up than to fight? Why do I have to set aside my plans for them? There are things in my mind that could not only be answered by one person. Even I myself had a hard time answering this questions.

I guess, one essential reason why we need to chose one at time is simply because Life isn’t that easy to deal with. In every actions we take there would be a corresponding barriers that could destroy all our hard works. But mind you, all those barriers is just simply the spices as you travel along your life’s path. Don’t ever be contended in just one success you got!…Always dream big and continue to search the fulfillments of your dreams. Though along your way you could possibly meet a more concrete obligation, just take it easy and find a solutions for it!…Because I do believe that GOD will never give us one single problem if we can’t solve it!… Just always bare in mind that as you take your foot steps to the path you want to follow God is always there for you no matter how hard it is!…c”,)

Furthermore, I guess, Career and my LOVE ONE is both important for me!…I don’t have to chose between one of them ’cause I believe I can do my job as I give pleasure to my single HEART. It’s just a matter of time management, faithfulness, trust, hard work, and perseverance to fulfill your goal.


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